Energy-Saving Blinds Could Save You Money


The use of energy-saving blinds could become more widespread in the future, as more people look to save money on their power bills.

With gas and electricity bills continuing to rise, more homeowners may need to find new and innovative ways to significantly cut down on their power consumption.

While standard insulation is obviously a good idea, people can also use blinds to restrict the amount of heat that escapes through their windows.

New developments in roller blinds fabric have allowed households to make considerable cutbacks on their energy use, while still maintaining a nice, welcoming and warm home.

Materials are now rated according to how much insulation they provide, with some of the best performing fabrics offering savings of up to 15 per cent each year through reduced electricity and gas bills. As well as the financial benefits, the blinds can help a person cut down on their carbon emissions too.  Vista’s Louvolite fabrics such as Chenille, Shot Silk, Quartz ESP and Organza ESP have proved to be the most energy efficient fabrics with their ability to retain heat in winter and block out excessive sunlight in summer.

Richard Addenbrook – managing director of Sense of Space Architects – believes more people will start to take the energy efficiency of a property into consideration when looking for a new home in the future.

He hopes that with fuel bills continuing to rocket, Britons will increasingly understand the importance of boosting sustainability.