Be a shade Braver!


Colour can really transform a room, and at Vista we are challenging you to Be a Shade Braver!

The majority of consumers like to play it safe with neutral tones taking priority when it comes to home furnishings and interiors. However times are changing. With bold colour being injected into fashion and lifestyle products, consumers are now conscious of their home style and creating that WOW factor.

Colour is a mood changer, from calming blues to reinvigorating reds, colour has the power to make you feel a certain way. 

Cool hues bring a more passive reaction and can make a person feel pleased, relaxed or even subdued. Help your customers find that perfect colour to suit the atmosphere of their room. To calm and soothe, introduce cool colours such as blues, greens and purples. Our ranges boast 100’s colour options ranging from standard colours through to more muted tones, offering something for everyone.

Colours stir our emotions and through introducing warm tones such as oranges, reds and pinks these create a sense of courage and comfort to interiors, mirroring a bold personality.